On-site TOWER Service


JRC consultancy & support


Our management is active for a quite long time, therefore we do guarantee a professional handling of all our Products & Projects. Our team is recognized within the Industry as consistently and successfully meeting all of its commitments and agreements.

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Spare parts, Tray hardware & Portable hardware shop.
JRC has a vast investment in tray hardware, portable Hardware Shops and access to all kind off other tray parts or products which may be required to repair and maintain your towers in their original specification and condition.  

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JRC consultancy & support In addition to the on-site tray installation JRC is giving you access to a highly skilled resource for supervision and inspections. 

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Latest News

29-12-2014: New JRC-towerservice website online.

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JRC operates throughout Europe as a construction contractor specialised in maintaining Distillation & Separation Products, Replacement materials and associated activities.

JRC is founded in 2006 and since active in operating in the Refining & Petro-Chemical Industry, Static equipment, Towers, Vessels & Reactors during turnarounds and/or new projects including horizontal tray installation at Vessel Vendors.

JRC is pleased to offer a Quality alternative to the long established tower internal suppliers.


JRC utilizes a variety of on-site service and operates as a One Stop Shop for all your On-site  activities & ‘’Open Art ‘’ products.






Our teams are highly experienced in managing all on-site aspects and products. Correct installation of trays and tray hardware is essential to maximize service life and efficiency for your plant.

Our service is not limited to tray installation. JRC provides the following on-site SKILLS :



  • Multifunctional Trades man (Tray fitters, Riggers, Manhole watch, Sleutellaars)
  • Supervision
  • Technical assistance
  • Technical Support, replacement equipment, as well to assist you in attaining the maximum service life and efficiency from your equipment.
  • Work preparation,
  • Event planners,
  • Schedulers.


  • Isolation, de-isolation open & closing of Towers & Vessels
  • Tray inspection
  • Tray repairs
  • Tray installation (Efficient on site)

Our teams are all trained according the SCC** requirements including the Green Safety Passports.  






Wherever you operate JRC can provide on-site service inspector including portable Hardware Shops
for one single tower to a total shutdown. We can carry out the most effective inspections including
report writing, tray repairs our new installations to an agreed schedule. Correct (installation of replacement)
tray hardware and other products.

Our on-site service team are available 24/7/365, whether it is to repair a single tower or manage a
total plant shutdown. In either case we are committed to working with you to maximize the
efficiency of your plant

JRC standard spare parts are available from stock managed by our local sales and distribution center
at Maastricht, The Netherlands.

JRC your single point of contact for all your Tray Hardware & Spare Parts.
We can advise you on spare parts with enhanced specifications that may be suitable for your existing tower internals.

Our full range universal tray hardware includes:
e.g. various tray manway assembles, washers, tray clamps, seal plates, sealing materials gasket washers,
gasket tape including all kind of valve types and bubble caps


JRC ‘’Open Art’’ products

With the experience to supply, all kind of whatever origin internals, Replacement, Spare Parts,
Tray Hardware & Portable Hardware Shops.(container-trailer)
JRC recognizes the importance and urgency to keep your plant shutdown on schedule. Our aim is to offer quick and reliable
solutions for your needs. JRC guarantees a high flexibility & steady good quality for all your standard and sort deliveries.
Our strength is to deliver various (equivalent) products on a very short time in a wide variety of alloy materials furnish in a
modern equipped shop enterprise with extensive manufacturing possibilities.
As an example, Design works (3D) is done with AutoCAD and/or with Solid works, and is constantly adjusted and extended to the requirements of the works that are to realise, as well Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

JRC offers you a full range of products

  • Valve trays, Sieve trays, Bubble cap trays
  • Support grids, Hold-down screens
  • Pipe Distributors, etc.
  • Demisters
  • Special Reactor internals
  • Special Design on Basic of Customer Specifications
  • Stone & Webster Ripple trays, UOP MD Trays, Shell HiFi and calming trays ect. ect.

Material Of Construction:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel (AISI 410S-304SS,316SS 321SS- 1.14462-1.4539)
  • Inconel
  • Monel
  • Titanium (grade 2 up to grade 7)
  • Hasteloy